DVB Polycrystalline Solar Panel System kit

DVB Polycrystalline Solar Panel System kit has a standby current 0.15mA for 3A 12V PWM battery charge controller. It offer overcharge and over discharge protection for the battery. It also features Open-Circuit voltage (Voc): 42.8 Volt, optimum operating current (Imp): 0.76 Amps, short-circuit current :(Isc): 0.72 Amps. High modules conversion efficiency

  • Nominal output(automatic identification): 12V/24V
  • Operating current: 3A
  • MAX Solar panel: 80W/120W
  • PWM charging: YES
  • Waterproof Class: IP22
  • 30A Battery Clips
  • 12V battery and DC load
  • 6.5 feet Extension Solar Cable

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